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2211 244d 00h sam_nazarko / delete browser files before updating kernel  
2204 247d 06h sam_nazarko / update rootfs
remove async_tx_dma from kernel config
2202 249d 21h sam_nazarko / update rootfs with heartbleed marker  
2201 249d 22h sam_nazarko / push heartbleed patch to raspbmc systems  
2198 250d 00h sam_nazarko / add bcm2708_dmaengine  
2190 253d 23h sam_nazarko / remove gnutls libcurl from prep-raspbian  
2185 254d 01h sam_nazarko / allow xbmc task priorities  
2184 254d 01h sam_nazarko /testing/kernel/ update kernel config for testing  
2166 354d 22h sam_nazarko / watch for lack of UUID label on f2fs install  
2165 354d 22h sam_nazarko / Ensure f2fs is lower case not upper case!  
2164 354d 22h sam_nazarko / Fix tr-d command  
2163 354d 22h sam_nazarko / Play it safe and copy the measurement variable  
2162 354d 22h sam_nazarko / Ensure we check for size correctly based on measurement unit  
2161 354d 22h sam_nazarko / Ensure we delete M and GB prefixes before checking size  
2160 355d 01h sam_nazarko / fix f2fs (hopefully) as the default fs unless a ext4 file exists
update xbmc version
2159 355d 02h sam_nazarko / Use F2FS on USB drive if it is Flash based  
2157 356d 06h sam_nazarko / fix unterminated sed command in kernel update  
2155 356d 09h sam_nazarko / update 8188eu patch for ramdist  
2148 359d 22h sam_nazarko / add browser to standalone  
2146 359d 22h sam_nazarko / add hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1  

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