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2295 21d 18h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/xbmc/ wait 10 before updating xbmc  
2294 21d 20h sam_nazarko /release/oscore/ push heartbleed to root  
2293 22d 10h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/kernel/ fix uuid -> sda1  
2292 22d 23h sam_nazarko /release/ Update and push new build  
2291 23d 00h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/xbmc/ update xbmc version  
2290 23d 01h sam_nazarko /release/ test new versions  
2283 24d 22h sam_nazarko /release/kernel/ update kernel 3.12 config  
2282 24d 23h sam_nazarko /release/initial-setup/ don't use UUID now we have no initramfs  
2281 24d 23h sam_nazarko /release/kernel/ don't use initramfs anymore  
2276 34d 06h sam_nazarko /release/installers/python/ fix python on yosemite  
2275 58d 00h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/system/ stopgap for cve in bash  
2274 95d 17h sam_nazarko /release/ new xbmc releases for 13.2  
2270 110d 16h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/xbmc/ new xbmc version to resolve issues with pvr addons  
2268 115d 15h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/kernel/ bump kver for firmware  
2265 116d 16h sam_nazarko /release/ bump versions  
2263 116d 17h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/xbmc-svcmgmt/ bump svcver  
2262 116d 17h sam_nazarko /release/standalone/ whoops  
2261 116d 17h sam_nazarko /release/standalone/ update config.txt on standalone  
2260 116d 17h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/system/ export to fork with tonido  
2257 116d 17h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/system/ diff right ver  

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