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2243 44d 21h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ remove versioncheck  
2239 47d 01h sam_nazarko /patches/ update 3.12 to revert bogomips and remove wolfson  
2237 48d 06h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/next/ update omxbackports  
2233 65d 21h sam_nazarko /patches/OSIRIS/ fix missing *  
2232 65d 21h sam_nazarko /patches/OSIRIS/ package OSIRIS tarballs as xz  
2228 66d 03h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/next/ update omxbackports  
2227 66d 04h sam_nazarko /patches/ add 3.12 bogomips back  
2226 66d 04h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/next/ add keymap and fix remote patches for gotham  
2225 66d 04h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ fix remote support to be like Frodo again  
2224 67d 04h sam_nazarko /patches/ fix post_table[] wolfson patch  
2223 67d 04h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/resources/ remove UI res limit from raspbmc settings  
2222 67d 04h sam_nazarko /patches/ fix CIFSSEC definition
fix Wolfson Kconfig and removal of mclkdiv
2220 67d 06h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/resources/lib/ never force 253  
2218 67d 07h sam_nazarko /patches/ add kernel 3.12.y patches  
2213 84d 05h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/next/ add omxbackports  
2212 84d 08h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/ add autoloading of sound modules if enable external soundcard is set  
2209 104d 03h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ update create_tarball scripts to include libssh  
2203 104d 09h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/next/ add openmax enablement to xbmc-next  
2200 106d 23h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/ update omxbackports.patch for Frodo  
2199 106d 23h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/ do not enable alsa in frodo  

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