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1330 652d 03h sam_nazarko /cdn/ fix checking if a result is returned in CDN redirection script  
1300 657d 09h sam_nazarko /cdn/ global declaration means no issues with if statements  
1299 657d 09h sam_nazarko /cdn/ cosmetic  
1298 657d 09h sam_nazarko /cdn/ finalise cdn redirect script, cheers claycomb  
1222 673d 16h sam_nazarko /cdn/ no need for comment  
1221 673d 16h sam_nazarko /cdn/ forgot to say thanks to Frank!
Default to velocix and if that is unavailable, then use a generic mirror
1220 673d 16h sam_nazarko /cdn/ add new cdn redirection script: uses GeoIP for continent based redirection; takes into account speed  
994 711d 17h sam_nazarko /cdn/ test geographical  
250 828d 18h sam_nazarko / -- BIG COMMIT ALERT --:

Installer will reboot on failure by default
Installer works for release image now (temporary sh redirect)
Port XBMC.conf to separate file
CEC.conf upstart script ~ draft1
SQL CDN patched to have Email Address of mirrorer.
Patch advancedsettings.xml to have a webserver by default
cec daemon in /usr/bin now.
Configure rootfs to keep init.d scripts for now
24 891d 04h sam_nazarko /cdn/ Add cdn show script.  
22 898d 04h sam_nazarko /cdn/ Update SQL DDL for CDN, Add Redirect Script and README with explanations

(cdn_show.php) to follow suit when rendering issues are resolved.
21 904d 14h sam_nazarko /cdn/ Time to start prepping CDN: MySQL generation script. Round-robin is deprecated.