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2277 5d 19h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ remove browser plugin  
2276 5d 19h sam_nazarko /release/installers/python/ fix python on yosemite  
2275 29d 14h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/system/ stopgap for cve in bash  
2274 67d 06h sam_nazarko /release/ new xbmc releases for 13.2  
2273 67d 17h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/ accidentally updated wrong backports patch  
2272 67d 17h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/ update omxbackports for 13.2 final  
2271 68d 21h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ don't strip pvr builds  
2270 82d 05h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/xbmc/ new xbmc version to resolve issues with pvr addons  
2269 82d 07h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ build gotham branch, not master branch of pvr  
2268 87d 04h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/kernel/ bump kver for firmware  
2267 88d 05h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/resources/lib/ add tonido to system dictionary for checking  
2266 88d 05h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/resources/lib/ fix typo in xbmc tonido  
2265 88d 05h sam_nazarko /release/ bump versions  
2264 88d 05h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/resources/lib/ make sure gpumem is set in raspbmc settings  
2263 88d 06h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/xbmc-svcmgmt/ bump svcver  
2262 88d 06h sam_nazarko /release/standalone/ whoops  
2261 88d 06h sam_nazarko /release/standalone/ update config.txt on standalone  
2260 88d 06h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/system/ export to fork with tonido  
2259 88d 07h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/resources/ better attemp at implementing tonido  
2258 88d 07h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/resources/ add Tonido to upgrade menu  

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