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2211 31m sam_nazarko / delete browser files before updating kernel  
2210 3d 02h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/xbmc/ bump xbmcver  
2209 3d 02h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ update create_tarball scripts to include libssh  
2208 3d 05h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/kernel/ fix f2fs grep  
2207 3d 06h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/kernel/ update kernel  
2206 3d 06h sam_nazarko /release/standalone/ update standalone image  
2205 3d 06h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/xbmc/ update XBMC version  
2204 3d 06h sam_nazarko / update rootfs
remove async_tx_dma from kernel config
2203 3d 08h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/next/ add openmax enablement to xbmc-next  
2202 5d 21h sam_nazarko / update rootfs with heartbleed marker  
2201 5d 22h sam_nazarko / push heartbleed patch to raspbmc systems  
2200 5d 22h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/ update omxbackports.patch for Frodo  
2199 5d 23h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/ do not enable alsa in frodo  
2198 6d 00h sam_nazarko / add bcm2708_dmaengine  
2197 9d 03h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ remove libxml2 from create_tarball because it is in /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi  
2196 9d 05h sam_nazarko /patches/ accidentally double diffed  
2195 9d 05h sam_nazarko /patches/ Fix Wolfson DAC issues: PLL clock; duplicate variable and missing dependency on MFD_ARIZONA  
2194 9d 22h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ bump xbmc ver to 14.x in create_tarball_next  
2193 9d 22h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/next/ fix settings path for GUISettings.patch  
2192 9d 23h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ add libdvdcss to create tarball script  

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