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2298 28d 09h sam_nazarko /release/standalone/ update standalone to non-vero announce xbmc  
2297 28d 09h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/ remove vero announce message  
2296 28d 09h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ don't need requests modue anymore  
2295 51d 00h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/xbmc/ wait 10 before updating xbmc  
2294 51d 02h sam_nazarko /release/oscore/ push heartbleed to root  
2293 51d 17h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/kernel/ fix uuid -> sda1  
2292 52d 06h sam_nazarko /release/ Update and push new build  
2291 52d 06h sam_nazarko /release/update-system/xbmc/ update xbmc version  
2290 52d 08h sam_nazarko /release/ test new versions  
2289 52d 09h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/next/ update skin.patch -- reverting to frodo had wrong diff entry point  
2288 54d 01h sam_nazarko /patches/nightly_scripts/ add requests module  
2287 54d 01h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/ no . in no thanks  
2286 54d 04h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/next/ hopefully properly fix the skin.patch  
2285 54d 04h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/next/ updated omxbackports w/ ios 8 fixes  
2284 54d 04h sam_nazarko /patches/XBMC-hardfp/next/ remove web browser from skin  
2283 54d 04h sam_nazarko /release/kernel/ update kernel 3.12 config  
2282 54d 05h sam_nazarko /release/initial-setup/ don't use UUID now we have no initramfs  
2281 54d 05h sam_nazarko /release/kernel/ don't use initramfs anymore  
2280 54d 05h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/ cosmetic  
2279 54d 05h sam_nazarko /patches/addons/script.raspbmc.settings/ add vero notification  

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